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Win the latest tech while contributing to good causes and crytpo awareness. 100% verifiable blockchain based competitions where every ticket has a 1 in 256 chance of winning.


Our Mission

1in256 was born out of a desire to find a way to provide a means of funding for our favourite development projects and good causes.

Most fundraising campaigns are effective at achieving short term goals by relying on gifts as prizes, the generosity of participants and the energy of unpaid volunteers. We wanted to create a business which could give those playing a real chance of winning, while meeting our social good objective.

1in256 creates a sustainable source of ongoing income for supported good causes and development projects within the blockchain space, in a transparent way. But we are not limiting our audience to the crypto community. Our prizes and payment methods mean that we are open to everyone.

Realistic odds which give you a seriously good chance of winning.

The blockchain decides bringing provable fairness to each competition.

Trusted by the community as long term members we’ve built up trust.

Privacy mode you only need an email address to enter our competitions.

Our Team

1in256 was created by Tom @ CryptoBantam with the support of the team at ChangeAngel.

CryptoBantam is an online clothing store which has been serving the crypto community for over 2 years. In that time over 2000 items have been sent to more than 550 customers in 50+ different countries.

ChangeAngel is a UK fin tech company which facilitates crypto to crypto, wallet to wallet swaps. Known as the Swap Exchange for Social Good, ChangeAngel donates a portion of each swap to non-profit blockchain development.


How your participation helps our Social Good

Every competition that we run supports one of our chosen causes. You can see the details of the supported cause in the individual competition description. Occasionally we run competitions that support 1in256 to help us fund our site and support our chosen causes.

Our currently nominated causes are listed below. We change these often. If you have a cause for which you would like to fundraise please send us a message by filling in the contact form.



The DGBAT is a community-driven initiative which promotes the DigiByte blockchain through education, outreach and marketing.

Thirst Relief


Three children die every minute from drinking dirty water. With reliable access to clean water, thousands of lives could be saved each day.



The DigiByte Unlimited Network produce educational content and promotional videos for ‘The Big 3’.

Your cause or project

Know of a good cause in need of funds to help humanity or the animal world? Please reach out to our Project Outreach Lead.


We’ve only just begun. 
Once we start getting feedback, we’ll post it here.
Until then here is a story about an octopus.

Voice your opinion!

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Who is Paul the Octopus?

The British-born 8-legged oracle from Weymouth, dazzled the world in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa when he made 7 consecutive correct predictions in each round and also correctly forecast who would win the final between Holland and Spain – all by selecting mussels from boxes draped in the colours of teams about to meet on the pitch.

Following their World Cup victory, Paul the psychic Octopus became a hero in Spain. The odds of him making a string of 8 correct predictions are 1 in 2 to the power 8, or 1 in 256. We can’t guarantee that by winning one of our competitions you’ll gain the fame of Paul, but we can guarantee that you’ll receive a fantastic prize.

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