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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Below are answers to the questions that we are most frequently asked.

If you have a question not answered below please click here to contact our support team.

About Playing and Winning

Each competition prize is for a brand new, sealed authentic item as fully described in the competition description, shipped direct to you from the original manufacturer or supplier.

You will receive an invoice in your name and you will be covered by the manufacturers warranty, just as you would if you bought it yourself. Where ever possible we will source the item from within your country.

There are a maximum of 256 tickets for every competition that we run.

That means that every ticket has (at least) a 1 in 256 chance of winning. Think about that for a moment. 256 is about the capacity of an average movie theater. For each competition someone in that movie theater will be the winner. Those are pretty appealing odds. To increase your chance of winning you can buy multiple tickets, up to a maximum of 10 tickets for each competition.

Number of Tickets

Maximum 256tickets
Minimum 200tickets

The winner is chosen in a provably fair way by the Bitcoin blockchain.

Once a competition is locked in (sells at least 175 tickets) the target block is confirmed and shown on the competition page: This is the Bitcoin block number which will decide the winner. An estimate of when the block is expected to be mined is also shown.

Every time a new block is mined, a hash is created. This is what ‘ties’ Bitcoin blocks together. The hash is a number which cannot be manipulated nor predetermined. We use the last two digits to determine the winner.

In this example, the last two digits of the hash of block 585,043 were 1b, so ticket 1b is the winner.

If your ticket number matches the last two digits of the Bitcoin block hash then you win!

Win or lose we’ll contact you by email when the competition closes to inform you. We also post results on the item’s competition page, as well as on our social media channels.

But of course you can also check for yourself and independently verify the result. The beauty of 1 in 256 is that we do not have any control over how the winning number is decided. Being provably fair is hugely important to us.


We use BlockCypher as our primary source. Just enter the block number from the competition page on the BlockCypher website, and compare the hash displayed with your ticket number.

Each competition will close when tickets sell out, or when the competition times out, providing that a minimum of 175 tickets has been sold. Once 175 tickets have been sold the competition is CONFIRMED. If the minimum number of tickets has not been sold the timer will reset for a maximum of two times.

Max. Number of Days

  1. The first round of ticket sales will last a maximum of 21 days. If tickets sell out, the competition closes. If the minimum number of tickets does not sell within 21 days, we move to round two.
  2. The second round of ticket sales will last a maximum of 14 days. If tickets sell out, the competition closes. If the minimum number of tickets still does not sell within 14 days, we move to round three.
  3. The third and final round of ticket sales will last a maximum of 7 days. If tickets sell out within the 7 days the competition closes. If the minimum number of tickets does not sell within 7 days, the competition fails.

In this event that a competition fails, participants will be offered a full refund of their entry price or a store credit to the value of their entry price + 20% to enter any other competition(s) within the following month.

Other Common Questions

Absolutely not. The only price you pay is the cost of your ticket. That means,

    • Free shipping
    • No import taxes
    • No hidden costs

After winning a competition we´ll contact you to confirm your delivery instructions. We will never ask you for any form of additional payment.

Yes, to create an account you only need to provide your username and an email address.

In order to ensure transparency all entries made into each competition, and the numbers selected, are listed in the Competition History tab on each competition page. We use your username to identify you.

Your email address will remain private. We will use this to communicate with you. We will never share your email address with any third parties.

Yes, every competition has a cash value equivalent. The winner can choose to receive this value instead of the advertised prize. This amount will be paid to the winners specified Bitcoin address.

We accept:

  • PayPal
  • All major Credit / Debit cards:

Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards
Any debit card that displays the Visa or MasterCard logo

  • Cryptocurrency:

Bitcoin BTC
DigiByte DGB
Ethereum ETH
Litecoin LTC
Tron TRX

This list is constantly being updated. If you’d like us to add other currencies please contact us.

Traditional payment methods are processed by one of our payment partners: PayPal, Stripe. Each of these international businesses employ the latest technology to ensure that your payment and personal information is secure. Payments in cryptocurrency are made direct to us, with the exception of payments made via DigiByte Pay which are processed by DigiByte Pay LLC.

Sure. There are a number of ways you can get free entry to our competitions.

Win a free entry.

Click the share buttons on any of the competition page to post the competition to Facebook and/or Twitter. Each Wednesday one winner will be sent a free entry code. The hashtags #1in256 #ShareToWin and the competition link must be included in the link. You can add a 30 character message to the start of the message.

Become a Member for free

Choose a username, add your email address and you’re in. Welcome to the community. Members get a number of benefits including free entries for each competition randomly awarded each Friday. Sign Up

Write to us.

Send your: full name, username, address, date of birth, contact telephone number, ticket number of choice and the winning answer for that competition.
Post to: 2FIFTY6 MEDIA LTD., 27, Old Gloucester Street, LONDON, WC1N 3AX, UNITED KINGDOM
You must specify the competition and number/s that you wish to enter.
Terms and Conditions Apply.
Please ensure you create an account on the website, prior to sending your free entry.
You can only choose one ticket number per letter received, if you send multiple numbers the entry will be void.


Create a free account to become a member and you´ll receive the following:

Find out first

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Early bird discount

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Free entries for each competition randomly awarded each Friday.

Don’t miss out on your winning number being drawn.

Join us as a member or sign up as a subscriber today.


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Exclusive subscribers competition

Free entry into the subscriber only Christmas competition.

Flexible recurring renewals

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We are currently beta testing the subscription service. If you would like to help us please fill in the contact form below and we’ll reply as soon as we open a new phase.


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